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Cab Over Vehicles
What is a cab over vehicle?

A cab over is a type of vehicle where the passenger compartment sits on top of the front axle. These vehicles typically have a vertically flat front due to the engine being located under the cab or even further back. Another term for these vehicles is cab over engine, due to the fact that the passenger compartment is often situated on top of the motor. Some of these vehicles have a tilting cab to facilitate engine access, while others include a removable engine shroud inside the passenger compartment.

Advantages:  By moving the cab forward to the very front of the vehicle, more passenger or cargo space can be opened up. Another advantage sometimes associated with the cab over is visibility. Since there is no hood to look over, the driver can often see the road much better. Also cabs over vehicles have a much smaller turning radius allowing drivers to maneuver into difficult spots.

Disadvantages: include excess engine noise due to the driver sitting right on top of it, and a rougher ride for similar reasons. These vehicles also tend to have poorer aerodynamic qualities due to their broad, flat front ends.